Thursday, February 11, 2010

hear the lion's roar... ahem

After putting my lion in a bag for a week, I finally finished him. Sometimes, I just get stuck. It was 3 days before I tried the arms. When i did it was so easy. then another 5 days to try the eyes. I didn't want to use buttons, so the shape of the eye, should I use a different colour, felt, embroider??
I was due to meet the owner today, so I HAD to do it. At 11pm last night.

I'm ok with it. I added subtle eyebrows and a nose. Here's another look at the tail...

his arms move so he can ask for a hug.. ahh...

he's quite at home in the jungle...

And likes to pose for modeling gigs. What a charmer. I put a felt heart on him. I think this will be my signature. I did it
here for Bella's friend, Lily.

The pattern comes from the book "Sew me, Love me"

Thanks for looking, Off to finish my BIG turtle!

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