Thursday, February 25, 2010

from a vest to a slipper....

well, it's 3 am. Been awake since 2. Went to sleep at 8:30pm. yep, little messed up here. SO... what else is there to do at 3am, but procrastinate on doing tomorrow's lesson plan by surfin' da web?
Here's the vest I bought last fall with visions of slippers...

And here's one slipper.. (like my purple socks?)
I took apart an old slipper and used it as a pattern. For this slipper I used wonder under on the lining fabric. Nice and orange. Looks great in there. 2 problems with that. The wonder under wouldn't stick to the wool felt. AND it made my needle all gummy. It proved to be a very very bad idea. It also made my thread break, numerous times. A mess I tell ya. And the lining didn't catch all the way around, so now it is kinda folded over and stepped down. But it doesn't stop me from wearing them. Except on really cold days when the bamboo flooring (I hate the stuff) is cold. Sends the cold up through me from the arches of my feet I tell ya.

Anyhow, as you can see from the back of the slipper, it's worn often. There's only one picture as the other slipper isn't finished it's blanket stitching around the top. that doesn't stop me from wearing them either. :}

hmmmmm, oh yeah, this is my 499th post!! My next one will be 500!! Can you believe it? so.... I think a giveaway is in order.
I have 2 giveaways for you, but am tweeking one of them. i'm kinda excited about it.
so check back for my not so often giveaway.

now, to go plan some music......

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amanda! I love the slipper! couldn't you just put a fleece "insole" in it...or by one of those fluffy rugs from ikea and cut out an insole from that!" too bad they didn't have that crazy vest in extra large so you could make many more!