Tuesday, March 10, 2009

monkey monkey

k, lame post title. Or should I say, ack. I'm just too tired to think right now. The time change has caught up with me. We didn't get to sleep in on Sunday, as I had to go to work, so everybody got up. We've been on the same bed time, get up schedule, which has been great. But I'm tired today.

Bet you didn't come here to learn that did you?? So here's some eye candy..

That was the inside of the card. The glitter parts are sticky stickers that are meant for glitter,etc. Can't remember the name Je m'excuse.

I just like this monkey peeking out of the hole.

All paper SU and various punches. Buttons- coconut ones from my stash.

Thanks for looking, Off to pick up hubby from the airport. yeah.

1 comment:

Dona said...

Very Cool! Does the monkey come with other-shaped Balloons?