Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sea Maiden

We took these pictures last summer on our visit to Shelbourne, Nova Scotia. It was a great sailing event and a lovely little town. hoping to make it an annual thing.

The title and the embellishments are not really coordinating. I have birds all over the place and then slap a nautical title. Oh well, I couldn't think of anything to call it.

The flowers are ones that I made, the green felt frame is from a flower coaster at Michael's, Red bird-Quickutz, acrylic bird-May road? I also bought a few houses. I added the buttons in that odd place as there is a hole there from the ball and chain it was on. Why do they do that? Do you have any of those chipboard outline people? They have a hole on the top of their head! What do you do with that? But I digress....The white writing is from Quickutz also. Paper- bought at the 2nd hand sale last week. Will find out the name later. They totally dictated and changed my plan for these pictures. I wanted to do a spread of my crochet flowers, but when I saw this paper, i just had to use it. it went with the colours in the photo.

It was a lovely day at my LSS, Scrapbook By Design. I attended a crop. Went late, as my printer ran out of ink and I had to get them printed at the grocery store. thank goodness for the instant digital prints eh? I left a little early, as i was feeling guilty, imagining my family home without me. You feel that too sometimes? Jokes on me, they weren't here when I got home! They were still out and about. They went to a maple sugar bush and had some fun. I think I'll make a little book out of the pics DH took.

K, thanks for looking,

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