Thursday, March 26, 2009

Jewelry pieces

I attended a jewelry party last week. great fun. I wanted to buy something hip, but kept coming back to the items below. Ever since I saw DH's relatives in portugal with similar pendants, I've had my eye out for them. male for my son, female for my daughter and the heart for my DH. This company is called Silpada. Wonderful stuff.

The party was on Friday and the package arrived on Wednesday! how cool is that? And yes, the chain is like the kind from a bathtub plug chain. I bought it at a craft store and wanted that look. And yes, I have the same kind of big clip on the back of my neck. LOL
So, here comes the crafty part. My son reallyyyyy liked my necklace. He wore it all night. And kept saying hooooww muuuuchhch he liked it. My brain went to work.

I have some black shrink art paper. I started with a heart stamped in silver. It worked well, but the ink came off. So I sanded the paper. I wished and wished I had a gingerbread person stamp. (now that I think of it, I do, just a little too big for this project). Couldn't find one, so I found a pencil and music note stamps. I made some tags with them. Worked well. (my daughter now has them on a bracelet.)
I then thought of cutting out the heart with my Quickutz die. Rub some silver metallic ink on the edges. Yeah. As I was returning it to the proper spot, I discovered the Quickutz gingerbread people from Christmas!!! SCORE!!! ( the female looks a bit like a penguin) I was so excited and couldn't wait for him to discover it in the morning. He wore it to school and used it for show and tell. Apparently, he described the whole process of how to make it, as he's used my cuttlebug before. Crafter's children. :}

Isn't it great to be a crafty mother!

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Bailey said...

Those are really beautiful. I love them. What a great idea!!