Saturday, March 28, 2009

beaded flower

Good Mornin' to ya!! promises to be a great day here in Sunny Toronto. We're off to the inlaws to celebrate my DH's birthday.
last night I took him out for a surprise evening. Started with a date at the sushi place we often frequented as a couple without children. Remember that life? Then I whisked him off to see the musical Crazy for You. it was put off by a group I used to sing with before I was a person with children. My other life. Nice night for sure.

Anyhow, on to why you're here:

I saw a pack of beaded flowers at Michael's and thought, I can make those. So I tried it. These beads are bigger than the ones they had, but it's all I had. I like it. Just covered a little notebook and took the paper out of the silver rim. nothing too exciting, but something to show you.

Have a great one.
thanks for looking,

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