Saturday, June 28, 2008

too hot to stamp

I haven't been in my stamp room for days. It's all nice and clean, I have new toys and have had some free time in the day. But it's too hot to stamp. Very humid here. Since the room is in the attic, I just can't bring myself to stay there for any amount of time. I even have an order for 10 toothfairy kits for my dentist! But no inspirtation to sit in the heat.

Figured that since you're here, I'd show you another Rafael drawing, if I may..

This is a drawing of his best friend Emily. She has lost her tooth in this picture and he put it on her shirt. Don't know what the 2 circles around the nose and mouth is. I asked him to draw me another picture of his family. He drew us on top of her head! Too funny. You can make us all out by our size. Love the way he did the bodies. And those hands!

We've been enjoying wade pools in the area and look forward to much more. Neve is great in them. She is cautious, so her mother doesn't have to freak out over every little thing. Nice for mama.

Hopefully the heat will break soon. We've had several thunder showers, but no break.

thanks for looking,

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Anabela (Bela) Neves said...

Very cute picture!!!! You need to scrapbook his pics now!
Check my blog, a little surprise for you cous!