Wednesday, June 11, 2008

budding artist

My son, rafael, has been colouring for a year. He's a pretty good colourer for 4. he's mixing his mediums... crayon, marker and colouring pencils and uses more than one colour to create a shade.

Finally, finally, he's starting to draw. I was starting to get worried. he never was a scribbler. His original artwork has been few and far between. So I'm super excited about anything that he does in that realm.

Anyhow, here is his card for Father's day. It's me, daddy and himself swimming at the beach. The black lines makes the parking lot and his little sister is walking through the gate. Aren't the swimming arms a hoot?!

I'm hoping to play tonight. Pretty tired though. Trying very hard not to go to bed with the kids.

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