Thursday, June 26, 2008

nameless entry

Here are the rest of the cards for my little kit. I haven't decided how to package it yet. I have to mail it, so it will probably just be put in a plastic card bag and put in the mail. I'm terrible for putting things in the post and HATE having to pay extra shipping b/c it is a mm too thick! So plain it shall be.

Same supplies as last card. Forgot to check the paper name. Sorry. The colour is a little off. It is made with purely pomegranate.
1st day of summer and we've had a great morning meeting friends at the park and the kiddies playing in the wading pool. Thanks for the brownies Sarah. My kids are water hogs. They don't mind the cold, freezing, foot numbing, I have a cramp in the sole of my foot cold. lol On to great things....

thanks for looking,

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