Friday, June 6, 2008

in the city

wow, here we are in Coimbra. This is the part of the trip where we are visiting Henry's relatives. It is very busy and lots of driving. Crazy, we should have come here first so we could rest before we go home. lol
Everyone has plans for us and we are being treated very well. Food, food food.

Yesterday, we went into the mountains. DId you know I'm sensitive to motion? Even though henry is an avid sailor, I haven't been in a boat for 5 years. Well, imagine me in the car going round and round several mountains. ugh.

We went to Samoa. His aunt?cousin? not sure, anyhow, she was cooking pork over a fire in the kitchen under the chimney. Too col. Everything we ate, she grew. Potatoes, lettuce, oranges, pork, chicken, everything. SOOO yummy. Never had pork that tasted so good. Oh yes, the kids had fun picking cherries off a branch they cut down from their cherry tree. Lovely indeed.

Then back into the city. our hotel is right downtown. Awesome. We had 30 minutes to explore. All the little cobbled alleyways with shops everywhere. Everything was closing as it was 7. Hoping to hit them again today. We're off to some sightseeing with Henry's cousin, then meeting with another bunch and then to see Little Portugal. It's a kids attraction with little houses their size. Should be fun.

I think it's back to Samoa tonight. their having goat. Hope it's not the one we saw in the pen yesterday.:} And a trip to Folgosa. it's where Henry's mom grew up.. also in the mountains.

As usual, no pics. Gotta run,

Hey, mom, dad, meridith, Q, Uncle dave.... email me! I miss you all. And thanks to others that have emailed. i'm getting a little wanting to hear from english people. :}

Thanks for looking,

There is internet access in the hotel lobby, Should be able to do a good update tonight with pics.

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