Saturday, June 7, 2008


yes, I think it is...
What a busy day yesterday.

We spent the morning with Henry's cousin, Rosa. We walked across the bridge from our hotel to go to Little Portugal. It is a place with replica buildings around Portugal and really small replicas of a village. The kids loved it.
Then back to the hotel area for a quick shop, off to outside of Gois with Henry's other cousin, Rui at Casa du Frango. house of chickens. Great grilled chicken, then back to the hotel for a quick shop on the way from the car park and off to Folgosa and Somora.

I thought the drive to Samora was bad. The drive to Folgosa was a million times worse!!! winding, round and back and crazy close to the edge. I thought I was gonna throw up or pass out! My jaw was sore from the tension! lol

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.!!! I've never seen such mountains. We were on one range of hills looking at the other across the valley. By the end of it, we were on the other side of the valley. The sun was setting by the time we got there and the lighting was beautiful.
The home we visited was his mom's family home. It had been left when the family moved to canada many decades ago. There were trips back there over the years by various family members, but the house was left to nature. It was a very large house and looked amazing. There were possessions still in the house. Furniture, dishes, books, pictures. Cherries and oranges growing on the trees. Just AMAZING! There were 3 ladies walking the sheep and goats up home thru the street. Henry did talk to a couple in their 80s!. They remembered his family.

After that trip, back down the mountain to Samoura for the goat feast. :} We were very late, so everyone was glad to see us come. They made bacahllau for me (salt cod fish) as I don't like goat. Or should I say, I haven't tasted goat, but couldn't bring myself to try it after all the crazy driving.
It was after midnight before we left for more wind-y driving.

Off to Henry's cousin Ze and the beach outside of Lisbon. Then home early for the plane ride in the wee morning hours.

We really love this place and meeting his family. Some of them for the 1st time. Very friendly and open. We would like to stay, of course. Planning on how we will spend our next trip here... whenever.....

Try the link below for some pics..

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