Thursday, June 16, 2011

wanna sandwich?

Are ya hungry?

Take your pick...

Here's the hat half way through it's making process. It's for the Crazy Hat contest at the Fun Fair at school. made from foam and painted.

I may have mentioned that the fair planning has taken over my life for the last 3 weeks... like steady. not to mention the work for months before hand.
Let me help you brother...

Tomorrow is the big day and Rafael has his sights set on winning the tallest or most original hat. There is a trophy involved!

Oops, One hat down!

Don't worry, 10 second rule!

Ah, the world's gone horizontal. no, just the sandwich.

Here's the final product. It took some puzzling, trying, cutting, sewing and perplexations to come up with this system/ I hope they don't judge on it being able to stay on your head unassisted. It definitely needs assistance to stay vertical.

All that and no pickle! you want fries with that? and a large coke.

have a good one.


Linda said...

Wow! That is amazing!
Thanks so much for visiting my blog.

Domestic Artisan said...

Amazing, I'm sorta hungry now : )

Melissa Plank said...

Delicious looking hat, love it! I'm sure he will win!!!

karen said...

yep, now im hungry too! Good luck, I hope he wins

charlotte said...

I love your sandwich! It looks so realistic and delicious.

K said...

Cool. Unstable - but totally cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that hat is awesome!