Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Home Made Ice cream

This year, instead of sewing for the teachers and assistants, I decided to make home made ice cream. I use an electric ice cream maker we got at William Sonoma as a wedding present. I love it!

I use the basic recipe of 1 cup milk, 3/4 cup of sugar dissolved into it, then 2 cups of cream and 1-2 tbsp vanilla. Flick the switch for 20-25 minutes. The trick is the cream. I made some last week with whipping cream. Lovely. The stuff I made in the last 2 days was with table cream 18%. It was more watery when it froze, not as creamy, but still good.
These tags are Stampin' Up! stamps from years ago.

These stamps are from PaperTrey ink. I made different flavours by adding the ingredients in the last 5 minutes.
For cookies and cream, just let the kids have fun crushing oreos in a baggie. The strawberry was sliced and mashed with sugar to help it juice. The strawberry rhubarb was cooked down, cooled and added.

There are so many other flavours to make, but the trick is that if you have to cook anything down, it has to cool completely before being added. So it's a think it out thing, not a spur of the moment thing. When you feel like making it NOW, then it's cookies and cream, or vanilla bean. Oh, we have homemade vanilla that DH made a while back. Vanilla beans soaked in vodka for about a month. nice. the longer, the better. Then I scraped a pod into the cream as it was swirling around in the machine.

k, next up.... This basket was a steal at a yard sale for $2! I grabbed it and ran. It's a great size. I fit all the ice cream containers into it and then some.

And another tea pot cozy. I've made a few more colour ways. Fun Fun Fun. The designer that I got the sweater scraps from has offered more scraps twice now. I still have 3 bags, but I want to get more! Help me. Fun to figure out colour combos. I think this one is my favorite. This time, I used boiled wool suiting for the front and back. Hope it keeps the pot hot.

Whew, you still here?
School is out and I feel relaxed! We played at the sailing club until way past bed time. It's great to see them playing imaginative games. Tonight it was traveling to Portugal on the Hobie cat trampoline. But they came to the picnic tables to stay at a hotel. Hope the kids sleep in tomorrow. I know I will.

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The Schneiders said...

What a great tea cozy!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I answered your question about garlic there, but just in case you don't get a chance to come back right away,I thought I'd leave the answer here, too. "You should not wash the garlic before you dry it. You can dust some of the dirt off if you want to. Then just hang it up and when it is completely dry you can take off the outside couple of dried leaves and it will take off all the dirt."

ElfRenee said...

I love making ice cream!