Monday, June 20, 2011

beach fun

hello all,
good news first.. my son won the contest for most original hat at the fun fair! He's so proud of his trophy. It was fun. I must take a picture of my daughter's hat also. The fair was a success, I was a tired lump on Saturday, thankfully my family was a little tired too, so it was an easy day and we'll find out the financial success this morning.

This is what we did yesterday....

a little tea party.
A stop to the beach. We're so lucky to have miles of beach less than a 10 minute car ride away from here. And with that, there are different kinds of sand, water, activities and numbers of people who attend these beaches. In the morning, you decide what beach suits your mood and off you go. Rough isn't it! This is the time of year where I have little hand sewing projects in my bag. For when the kids are occupied at the playground of beach. Next time though, I'll remember to bring some thread!
have a good one,

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Cheryl said...

You've got me giggling. I took a wip knitting once, but somehow, only one needle. I can appreciate your frustration.