Friday, May 13, 2011

Tunisian Crochet

It's been awhile since I've picked up the hook for "By Hook and Thread". But now I am hooked again. And just in time for the sitting at the playground for hours weather.
My newest fun is Tunisian crochet. Google it, youtube it. there's a lot out there.

It is quick and easy. A bit of knitting and a bit of crochet. I did see a proper hook in one video. It's a hook on one end that goes to a skinnier end with a knob on the end to stop the yarn from falling odd the hook. That's why I have an elastic at the end of mine. I glued a bead on it, but it took up too much space and eventually fell off anyway.

The back looks like knitting and the front has an interesting weave like look.

The front. interesting isn't it?

One direction adds stitches,

the other direction takes them off.

This pile will be sewn into a little foot rug, maybe in front of the sink. I don't know how many I'll need or how big it will be.

But this rug will be dubbed, "time I spent waiting" at various places. I did 2 at the dentist yesterday. And 2 at the playground waiting for school to start. See, it will add up quickly and I feel productive!
Oh, on a different note,
I've been getting a lot of visits to the blog from people searching with the words "hook thread" all from overseas. Places like India, Pakistan, Turkey, Israel and such. Is there something happening in the other side of the world that I'm not aware of? I get at least a couple a day. very odd.

have a good one,

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