Monday, May 16, 2011

colours about!

Just a few colours that caught my attention this week. Pics from my phone.
We've had many a session with nail polish. Piggy Paints are an awesome polish, no scent and kid friendly. We're hooked.

Some butterflies. We also bought the book by Klutz called "Nail Art". It has great pictures and how tos on different nail design. So easy when you have a toothpick. I wish I had taken a pic of the teapot I did on Neve's toe! cute.

A trip to Homesense brought lots of colour. Of interest was this cushion.

Anyone know what this stitch is called?

And this bowl. That's a lot of rolling paper!

I just hope they used a lot of glue to keep them on!

I am sick. ugh. Woke up on Saturday with a swollen uvula. And fever and chills and an achy body so achy I could hardly walk from the couch to the washroom. I did make it to the bed for a few hours. I woke up with half an onion next to me! Hubby's aunt mentioned that it would take the sickness away. I did wake up a little better and was able to sing for 1 mass. And yesterday wasn't too bad. But the bug has moved into my ears and starting on my sinuses. yuck. A trip to the clinic for me today. How do you know if it's bacterial or viral?
Hope you find some colour today!
Have a good one,

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BurningRubber said...

That is a shell stich. You crochet 5 doubles in the same spot. When you get to the next row you put a single crochet in the center of the shell. It also looks like whoever made it did a row of single crochet in the next color in between each. So *5dc in 1 hole,skp 2 sc in next 5dc across . Next row change color and sc across repeat from*