Sunday, May 1, 2011

guest birdies!

Aren't these adorable?

My friend, Charlotte, made these. She was inspired by the super Easter chicks found at Myrtle and Eunice and the wonderful birds as seen at Lupin Handmade

I had to hold my breath when I looked at them and sneak peeks of them. So precious.

And this ball. Which she says is being enjoyed by the boys of the house! As in the dad and son. Great projectile.

If you like these birds, comment and tell my talented friend that she needs to start her own blog. She's not listening to me. She needs to feel some love! lol

I was busy sewing all last week for a sale yesterday. Nothing new to show you, just multiples of what i already have. After I sew up a few orders, I'm going to start in on some new ideas for the big sale in June at my school's fun fair.

Have a good one,

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Brynn said...

Those are some pretty amazing birds!