Sunday, May 8, 2011

Friday Finds

Happy Mother's day to mothers and a special nod to those who made them mothers!

I just got up from a micro nap under the sun in the yard. I was looking forward to that all day. This morning, I came down to the kitchen to a huge chocolate cake. It had been made after I went to bed last night, 10pm, and done from scratch, by hand, so the mixer wouldn't wake me. And yes, the icing was just as good with sour cream. Rich. Lovely. I just polished off the 2nd piece while writing up this blog. no, I'm not going to burn it off.

anyhow, this wagon of herbs have been planted and more bought since this picture was taken.

My friend and I went to a new Goodwill in Etobicoke on 50% off Friday. We walked in and commented on how fresh it was in both light, space and scent. yep, nice.
There was about 50 million and a half yards of this lemon fabric! new fabric, not even washed from the store. And the stripe one is a shower curtain. New. and half price. they rang it in as twin sheets. yep, cheap. $2 each. crazy.

some sweaters for felting. Although, the black one has been taken by my friend who was partial to it. I may even wear the purple one myself. Nice colour, but I do need some purple wool. hmmm???!!!!

Bought this pottery pot for my uncle. Nice.

What else? Some long boots, books, a Lark Publication book on hats for the whole family with the patterns and everything. Yes, it was printed in 1998, but it's all a matter of fabric. I'm sure there's something in there I will make.
My DD bought a ton of books also. All in all, a good shop, even though I wasn't thinking I liked the store. I wasn't rummaging enough. But my basket was full. go figure. Is it the thrill of the find? The rummage and the hunt? The 50% off excitement? maybe all of it.

Off to finish enjoying the warmth of the sun before everyone comes home.

Have a good one.

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