Friday, May 20, 2011

Evergreen Brickworks

There was no school today and there was sun! Yes, sun! After a few weeks of rain, we set outside for our adventure.
Today's adventure was brought to us by Evergreen Brickworks
It is a cool place that has been undergoing major changes in the last few years. An abandoned clay quarry that is now a destination for a bit of nature in this city.
This is on top of the hill looking down. There is much more to see, but I had the wrong lens on the camera to take it all in.

Here's the quarry in 1920

And when it was closed in 1985.

At the top of the hill, you could see downtown and the CN Towerpoking out.

The Bloor Viaduct That has quite a history all it's own.

First thing we saw was a huge living wall. Here's a close up.

And the first thing we did was to loose a few heart beats b/c Rafael fell off the wall with a sickening thud and crunch. He landed on his knees, but the thud was his water bottle. thank goodness. I bent down to ask a few questions, looked up and there was a man kneeling down from the Emergency Medical team. Yep, the tent was about 19 feet away. Cool. I stepped back and let them do their job.

And here he is milking not wanting to walk. But he did want to go up the hill. Kids. huh.

Neve found a lady bug.


Beautiful scenery

Artsy picture with the bird and sun. fluke.

. You can see there were many stops on the way. Oh and fish in the waters.
On the way out, I stopped upon this sculpture. Pretty cool.

There was so much we didn't see. Our friends visit often and we all had a great time. So much to see, do, stop for and every moment is a photo op when there are 5 kids that are fairly colour coordinated! But alas, the parking meter was running out. Time to go home. Next time, we'll pay for all day parking! and bring daddy.
I even got a bit of sun. nice.

Have a good one!

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