Friday, May 27, 2011

Owl meets penguins

Once there was a wise old owl who was hangin' out, lookin' for some fun.

He heard a noise around the corner....
Penguin Party
Yep, the penguin posse was on the move.

They stop and have a chat. "What are you fine gentlemen up to this evening?" says the wise owl.

"Well, we were all supposed to be gettin' on a plane for parts around the world, but we missed it," the front man said.

The owl, being wise, knew of a short cut to get to the airport. "Follow me," says he.

In their excitement, they joined together in a conga line, singing down the road.

Singing sea shanties and causing some commotion all the way down the street.

Yep, I think they may miss the next plane. Rowdy bunch. Be careful wise old owl. Remain wise.

If you're expecting one of these in the mail, it's that much closer to getting there. Delay in getting the proper envelopes.

Have a good one,


Tiffany said...

So cute! I wish I had one coming to live with me :) Love your story too! :)

about a girl said...

Super cute! Needle felting is so much fun and so addictive! Great job on the eyes.
I have a needle felting giveaway on my blog right now for a little gnome home. You'll be getting one in the swap I think.

Anonymous said...

what fuzzy cuteness. x

Anonymous said...

They are so cute and recently I have a huge owl fetish it seems... you just can never go wrong with owls and penguins :)

erinleee said...

nice work! I love the penguin slash owl plane waiting dance party! at least they are just getting on the plane and not taking the postal service... that could possibly take a really long time if our good old strike occurs.