Sunday, December 19, 2010

gnome garden set x 3!

Nothing like an order to set the assembly line productivity!
Here are the gnomes for the garden gnomes playset.

a great place to hang.

And when you're tired, just take a nap. that pillow looks a little hard though!

Here they are all spread out. (Geesh, did I take any in focus pictures today? I dislike the inability to take pictures outside)

And now they are closed up and ready to travel.

Fun times ahead for these 3 girls!

Thanks for looking,


sue niven said...

they are just delightful, a wonderful set of gifts, 3 lucky little girls will be very happy. Lots of imaginative play ahead.

Seaside Siblings said...

They are completely stunning! I bet their recipients will be over the moon!

Cheryl said...

What sweet sets. The little girls are going to have so much fun with them. I love the idea of the bag so that they can take them on lots of adventures.

I know what you mean about missing photographing outside. I'm having the same problem here. Snow men, yes, crafty objects, no.

hands follow heart said...

Those are supersweet! I love the colours and the beautiful bags they come in. What a fab gift.