Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a quick last minute, nice looking ornament

Compliments of Elsie Marley! Go take a look.
Here's my 1st version of it.

The rest i did had the dangly bit on the bottom. i preferred it that way, just hung better. Then I glued the tail pieces to make the loops. I gave them all away. Even the one in the picture above. Have to make some more I guess. I hang all my handmade ornaments on the tree. Then when I wrap a gift or have to make up a last minute gift, I go "shopping" on my tree. So easy to see and they are all in one place.

And here is what I added to my bluebird. An eye and another dangly. I love those danglies. I ran out and then tried to remember where I bought them last year. I was set to hit the dollar stores and ended up spying them from the checkout while at Fabricland! Score! I grabbed a pack and then found out they were on sale. 40% off. bigger score! I'm sure I would have been very frustrated on my quest otherwise.

Well, feeling much better here. The last day to relax before singing takes over the next 4 days. We may even get a skate in today. Come on Dec. 27th! :}

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