Friday, December 10, 2010

fa la la-ing

Wow, almost a week since I've been here. Busy season for a singer. I've been doing some of this...
photo from my crappy phone

It was cold on the toes. I couldn't feel them after only 1.5 hours outside. It wasn't even windy. This is good to know as I have a 4 hour gig outside tomorrow! And I have a cold! ugh. But it 'tis jolly to spread some cheer. It's nice when people stop and you can see the enjoyment on their faces. yes, 'tis nice indeed.

We're staying home today. My son has a fever and wicked wicked cough. I'm not far behind him. Maybe I'll do a little crafting or cleaning. Which would you choose?!

This a a recipe you MUST try if you have a throat ailment. it comes to us from my husband's farm living Portuguese grandmother. it works!

Honey and Lemon Tea

Peel a few slices of lemon rind about the size of your thumb. Not the pith (white part) just the peel.

Boil it in a pot of water until the water changes to a light yellow colour. You can smell the change in the water. It actually smells sweet.

Pour it into a cup with a heaping spoon of honey. Stir. ( We get our honey from my DH's godfather who keeps bees. I almost panicked this morning when I couldn't find the stash we had in the cellar. Hubby found it. thanks goodness. yummy goodness. nature's goodness. goodness of family who keeps bees and shares!

Drink while still hot. The lemon acts as an astringent and the honey is soothing. Wishing I had known this recipe when I was a singing student for 8 years. But I'm glad I know it now.

Hoping you find some cheer and a warm cuppa something.

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