Tuesday, December 28, 2010

book purchase

Well howdy!
Welcome back after the big few days. I'm finally staying close to home and beginning to relax.
But not before dashing out to Chapters to buy a few books with well intended Christmas money!

Here's what I bought after sitting on the floor of the book store for about an hour...
Sewing for Children
by Emma Hardy
Great little projects for boys and girls with a varied menu from softies, books, bags, dressing up time and fashion fun. They show kids sewing the projects themselves, but I'm looking forward to playing with the patterns myself. There is a template section in the back. Some items are to size and some need to be enlarged. this used to bother me, but I know how to work the scanner and print the appropriate size now. whew/.

Another purchase I've been eyeing for some time now
Craft Hope
I'm going to sit with this one in a quiet place with some hot beverage. So much to see, read and blogs to look up. yep, a treasure to be had for sure.

And the last book
Why buy a weaving book? Well, I did buy a like thistable loom a few months ago from Craigslist. It was $25 and when I looked it up, it costs $250 today! Even though I don't intend to start this venture soon, I had to have it for when my mind is ready. And for only $25 i couldn't resist. The book is very thorough. just the language and terminology is astounding. I can see myself doing this, but not right now. When i am ready, I'll have it. And I can buy the threads from Gemini Fibers. hooray.

So there you have it. My craft book purchase for the end of this year. Oh, I also got this great cookbook
Michael Smith, Chef at home he's a chef in Prince Edward Island, Canada and I love his show and easy approach to cooking. A little easy on the eyes too. :}

Sorry for all the links instead of photos. I'm not into taking photos in the dark or bad lighting in my house. It could be a long winter.

Have a good one,

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