Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pod baby

Here's an acorn doll and a hair clip. I made 2 hair clips, but can only find one. It's supposed to be a flower, but I was working mirror from the other one and somehow couldn't for the life of me make a proper flower. silly really.

And here is my pod baby. I bought a bag of silk cocoons from Gemini Fibres when I visited last month. I was planning on making some kind of pod thing inside. This is what I came up with.

it is very small. I should put it next to something for scale. cute, cute. Need to make another to see how long it takes to make it. The creative process in making it took a little longer than I intended.

have a good one,


Valerie at Mommy's Muse said...

The pod baby is so sweet! My daughter would love it.

Bailey said...

The little pod babies are really cute! :D