Monday, August 30, 2010


we just got back from a 2 week vacation in beautiful Nova Scotia. aaahhh.
I feel the stress of the city life already. so I look at these pictures.

Hubby and I had an evening and a day without kids!! So we went exploring. Of course, when I saw this beach, on our last day in NS, I wanted to go back and get the kids. Luckily, my DH is more level headed and we enjoyed it by ourselves, with just a twinge of guilt on my part.

The sand felt so nice....

This was from the day before. Check out the bird flying on the water.

Trying to squeeze the last bits of summer into this last week before school. Of course, the weather will still be great when school starts, but I have a full timer and a half day bunch for school this year. Oh a times, they are a changin'.

keep well,

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Brynn said...

Nova Scotia has been one of my favorite vacation spots.