Friday, September 24, 2010

acorn family

Off to deliver this family to it's new home.

I'm sure they'll like it there.

They are tired of doing chores at this one! (giggle)

bye sweet family. it was fun meeting you.


Anonymous said...

I love your acorn family. I would like to make some too. I live in central California and do not have a source for these bendy wood/wire forms. I know they are available online from NZ and Au, but would a kind reader share a quicker, local source? I would really appreciate any assistance. Thank you. VH

Amanda Pedro said...

Hi, these bendy people are made from pipe cleaners and floss. I had found a source for the other kind of form, but it was in NZ also. I think I saw something in the US, but they were about $7 each! Yes, each. So i didn't even keep the site. Sorry.
There is a tutorial to make these dolls at Princess Nimble Thimble Flicker Group. Check the side bar for bendy dolls to see the link in another of my posts or google the name,
good luck.

moment to Moment said...

I love your little acorn family. I must give that a go. My little boys birthday is coming up.
Thanks for the inspiration.