Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little mousie

Here are the insides of the creature pouches I showed last post. My blogger account only let's me post 5 pictures per post. But I see other blogspot users have tons of photos. Anybody know why I can't? I would like to do a tutorial some time, but it wouldn't be very thorough with only 5 pictures. more like fill in the blanks.! haha

And here is a little mousie I sewed up one night. It's from the kids Klutz book series. It has a cute cat pattern in it for fabric. May try that one also.

I've been making a needle felted sock monkey. it's going to be 3 hours for that baby. Geesh. How do you make your money off of that one? I used roving this time instead of a pre-roving kind of wool I had last time. it is much thicker and nicer. Now to think of a hat style.

thanks for looking,


TwigandToadstool said...

That is very very strange that you can only post 5 pics per post...
maybe there's some setting on your blogger that is set to that...I would look around your design on posts, and see what you get up.
Must be frustrating!
I love those sweet purses though...
so so cute!
xo maureen

Brynn said...

You can post 5 pictures and then go back and post five more. Just do them in two waves. Thats how I have to do it anyway.