Tuesday, September 7, 2010

ain't nobody here but us chickens...

sad story to tell... my hard drive crashed! even more shocking as it was a mac. good side, DH backed it up at the end of July. I lost some work emails and photos from August, but the set from the Ravine visit with me and the kids is on his computer! yeah/ they were the only ones I was sad about losing. And now I haven't.

Here's a little story about chickens. When we were in Shelburne last month, our hosts had 4 chickens in their back yard. My kids became enamoured with them. Especially Rafael. He would greet the chickens in the morning, take a walk with them...

Talk with them. Looks like a bit of a lecture to me!? Who's giving the lecture?

Looking for eggs... 500 times a day. wonder they had any privacy to lay them.

And sometimes getting a bit of a surprise from them.

They were nice chickens, not very demanding and stayed out of your way. You just had to look down a lot and remind the kids to wear their shoes. :}

Wishing we had enough room for chickens. And of course, there is that pesky by-law about holding such creatures in a city. boo.

Run chickens, run!!!

have a good one..

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Our children are just crazy about our chickens too. I don't think a day goes by without holding, playing, and much more with them.