Monday, July 5, 2010

Yard sale loot!

Top o the mornin' to ya!

We scored big at one yard sale on the weekend. SO much so, that everyone wanted to go home after this stop. Here's a little of what we got...
A mini trampoline! for $5. yep. We wanted a trampoline, but just don't have a yard big enough. this fits the bill for now to wear off some energy. Good cardio for mama too.

This kitchen for $5. yes, you read that right. It came loaded with dishes of every sort. The kids keep arranging it and making things. I'm so full.

This awesome cash register... my son has one in his classroom at school. And it has Canadian play currency in it! it has a calculator in it and beeps when you put a card in it. very realistic.

What else? An easy bake oven, came with the kitchen, hockey stick, talking microscope that gives facts of things you're looking at. My kids will be smarter than me by grade 2. binoculars. All that for about another 5 bucks.

We had some quiet time at home cleaning our new loot that afternoon before we headed out to the beach.

thanks for looking,

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Jenny said...

next time TAKE ME with YOU!