Monday, July 26, 2010

roving butterflies

I got this idea for these butterflies after looking at this tutorial for roving birds
here on Mothering with Rhythm and Rhyme

Mostly got the idea b/c I called them butterflies. When I went to make them, noticed they were indeed birds. The kids didn't want birds, they wanted butterflies. So they made suggestions on how to turn a bird into a butterfly, add some wings and antenna. so that we did.

I needle felted the stripe and the shape of the wings.

They move so nicely in the wind.

Fun to cheer,

And to kiss.

thanks for looking,


twigandtoadstool said...

What a beautiful and simple project, sure to delight the little butterfly lovers in our lives!!!
xo maureen

Shannon said...

Oh! I love their antenna. did they tickle his nose? you know it is very good luck to have a butterfly land on you :)