Saturday, July 3, 2010

gnome diorama

great day at the beach here! I smell like burned flesh. I sat under the umbrella, but had to walk from the car park. The very far away car park. The beach was a popular place today. More tomorrow perhaps.

Here is a diorama that DS made from a Q-Tip box. I love his mushrooms and trees.

So we moved a few guys in.

And for a few home decor items, I made a pink needle felted mushroom. The crochet flower is actually a necklace. On 3 different colour strands of crochet chain. I couldn't get my finicky model to wear it. Another time.

Have a great day!
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twolittleseeds said...

We are going to make one of these.

Bailey said...

I'll have to learn how to make the flowers. I think they're really nice:)

Heidi Margit said...

Love the idea!

Heidi Margit said...

Love the idea!