Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glue pictures---help!!

I had this pile of canvas circles given to me. They came from the Tilley factory. You know, Tilley Endurables?
ANyhow, I wanted to make something special with them. A bunting, but what kind? I decided on the glue batik look. Can't remember where I saw it. it was a few places. Big plans of having the kids draw the pictures in glue. Then I imagined having to wait another day before painting. No thanks, SO I did them up myself when they were in bed. Smart mama.

Aren't they purdy?

Today, we got out the paints, found brushes and got to work.

Here's Neve's work. She was so focused on it with a tiny brush. Then she wanted to do the grass and sky like mine. So cute.

Here's mine. But can you see the problem? The glue is not coming off. What is the problem? What kind of glue do you use?

I used cheap dollar store stuff that I had on hand. Should I have used a more expensive glue? Would it have stayed in a string instead of sinking in to the canvas? We painted 4 canvases and spent too much time trying to peel the glue off with tweezers. So I'm going to call it a fail and use the back side to try it again. After I hear from you on what glue to use. Glue gun?

Here's my favorite magazine of late... check it out.

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momma rae said...

it's blue gel glue. elmer's makes it. it does stay on top of the fabric and it comes off with a little soaking in hot water and some light scrubbing. love your pictures!

i've just come across this technique using flour and i am keen to try it next:

happy batiking! ;)

twolittleseeds said...

Hi, I saw the technique on Childhood Magic on her son's vest. Try looking there but the comment above seems to have sorted it out.
What ink/paint did you use on yours?
I don't get Elmer glue here in the UK so will look at that flour thing x

momma rae said...

i used water down acrylics (same as ariella/childhood magic). the flour technique used fabric paint.