Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marble travel a la Serving Pink Lemonade

Loved this idea when I saw it on Serving Pink Lemonade
So many great ideas there.. go take a look..

Make sure you sew the lines big enough for a marble to go through. And make sure you don't sew the marble into a corner. Ask me how I know?!!
I came up with a few of my own runs for the marble. It's kind of addictive, thinking them up and sewing them up.

And some letters for the kids names. Can you imagine doing a whole pile of them in letters to spell the birthday kid's name?!! How much more personal can you get?

i crudely machine sewed the slit on the side. too lazy to hand sew.

Next round that I make, I will put the turning right side out slit where the ribbon is and attach and sew seam all together with the machine. Just makes a little more sense there.

I brought one next door to the neighbour's daughter with her initial. She wasn't home, but her mother couldn't stop playing with it and exclaimed how addictive it was.

Try it for yourself and have a good look at Serving Pink Lemonade

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twolittleseeds said...

This is cool! x

Cheryl said...

What a great idea. I can imagine my children sitting in the back of the car enjoying these. I may have to make a few of them!