Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Pink and orange dress

My model is not feeling so model-y this morning! So this is what you get...

A cute little number with shirring at the top and in the middle. My top shirring elastic on a regular thread spool (in the thread section) was not as tight as the middle elastic from a different section. I had to cut the top and still have to shape it a bit.

I'm just glad that DH was able to fix my bobbin problems a month ago. saved me $90. I was to scared to try shirring when I was under the "get it all sewn for the fun fair" time crunch. But now, if I bust a bobbin, I have the time to get it fixed. And it didn't bust.

Here's a picture for nanny. Rafael has his first loose tooth! We get several reports daily and he now only eats apples if you cut them up for him. We found his tooth fairy bag that he sewed last year. Much excitement.

One more thing, i got a blog award the other day from Two Little Seeds. Thanks for the award! I'm going to play along later. Have to wait for DH to help me figure out a few things in transferring buttons from another blog. Go check it out.

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