Thursday, July 15, 2010

flat family

OMGawd! I've been in a black hole! No home phone (so who cares, less calls from telemarketers) and NO INTERNET!!!! that is the worst of it all. Well, actually, the worst of it is that we have no service b/c of an alley fire at the end of our street. It is suspected arson. There were evacuations at 4am. Last night, the fire truck came barreling down our street, then came back and parked outside our door. Freaky, I sniffed, yep, I smelled smoke and went outside. The firefighters were walking around, trying to find the source. Smelled like a little chimnea in a back yard kind of fire. But guess people were spooked by the night before.
All that to say that the phone lines and wires were all melted/disconnected. They say it will be fixed by Friday night. I'll be checking! lol

Yesterday, the kids spent a focused amount of time making a flat family. You know, like Flat Stanley? Neve drew my face and hers, Rafael looked after daddy. I'll have to take pics of them all. We're going to get them laminated so they'll be more durable.

Here's a few pics of Neve at our park adventure:

That's it for now folks, gotta shove off. My tea is cold and I think they are closing the coffee shop with the free wi-fi. Man, I went to the library twice to use their wi-fi, but they weren't open. I've been travelling with my computer in the car in case I happened upon a place. desperate I tell ya! giggle.

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Bailey said...

Wow, I couldn't be able to live without internet!:D