Thursday, June 17, 2010

mushroom city

checking in.. busy week with Fun Fair prepartations. Both for my vendor's table and for being on the committee. Be so glad when it's over.
And because I can never be finished or satisfied until there is no time left...

I found some mushroom like wooden knobs and had to paint them for the sale. I'll pair them with the 55-11 gnomes I've been making.

The weather is going to be hot and the committee has been working non-stop. Let's hope for some sleep tonight.

A few nights ago, my daughter got her pinkie caught in a door and almost took the tip of it off. We spent the evening and wee morning hours in the ER. She was a trooper. They sedated her. It was weird as she was still awake, just not in her body. Kind of hard to watch her slip away. It didn't cut the tendon or bone. We'll see a specialist next week to see if there is any nerve damage. hope not. She's going to be a pianist! Her musical mother says so! :}

Thanks for looking,


momma rae said...

yikes!! so sorry to hear about your daughter's pinkie! i do hope that heals quickly. many blessings on your hectic schedule. i can completely empathize. :)

twolittleseeds said...

I am making these mushrooms too! They look so cute! x