Saturday, June 5, 2010

Busy busy

How busy are you these days? I wish I was home long enough to do something.. like clean up! haha

Missy Moo has a dance recital next weekend. Well, 3 of them to be exact. She's excited to go on stage and tells me that I don't have to be back stage while she is there. I can just drop her off. Quite a change from the 3 weeks of trying to get her to go into class at the beginning in january.

Here's her costume.

I've been sewing little bits of other dancers' costumes and fixing the priest's robe. Needle felting wee little ladybugs, bees and snails and making more gnomes. No pictures. no time for pictures. No time for nuthin'. I'll be glad when June is over.

I can't wait to have some sewing time. Maybe tomorrow. I'll show you whatever I'm making. WIP

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momma rae said...

sending you love! sounds like my may mayhem. struggled just to stay above water. now i am putting it all back together...all that went undone....and enjoying the beginning of summer with my kids. ;) you will be past this soon...and your housework will still be there!

Jenny said...

Lovely pics of Neve! Isn't there something about idle hands...we'll clearly doesn't apply!