Monday, June 14, 2010

Sewing outside

I need to sew everyday until Friday. Friday is the school fun fair. The fun fair where I innocently said 4 months ago.."Oh, you should have tables for vendors" Yep, I'm now in charge of it and on the committee. Like big time!!!

Today, I had a choice, drag the kids to the attic or bring the sewing machine outside. We all voted for outside. Fortunately, I spent last night cutting out little circles for my magic flower wands. (oops, forgot to take a pic of those, look on the table, they are in progress)

Then I brought down some pompom skirts. The kids were playing nicely in the yard...

But ultimately, they can't be too far away from mama...

Don't mind the hair.. oh my hair!! What is happening to it? Ever since last summer, it is heavily affected by the humidity. It was all one length except for the bangs. They would curl up and make wings. And not in a nice way. So this time, the hairdresser thought he would layer it so it could be "free" and it could do what it wanted in the humidity. yip, not so sure about that. I dried it straight this morning. A bike ride on the beach this morning had a different effect. Ok, too much information. But does anyone else have hair that has just changed? What to do what to do? lol

thanks for looking,


nerines said...

I think your hair looks great! But then I'm probably a little biased 'cos it looks like we have very similar hair. My method for hair maintenance is very simple wash, drip dry and leave it the heck alone! But in summer humidity and fortunately for my hair and self Tassie doesn't really experience much of that, my hair gets sort of thick and fluffy mm mmm. xo :-)

Twig and Toadstool said...

I did very much the same thing yesterday...only I locked the kids and I upstairs, and they played while mama sewed!!! I couldn't believe that I actually got some sewing done and the kids were happy too!!! Don't you LOVE those days when you can carve out a wee bit of creative mamma time!!!

Happy crafting! Can't wait to see what you're making!

Anonymous said...

My hair looks like yours...could be wavy if you worked at it, but who the heck has the time!
My trick, wash, wrap in towel, remove towel, shake and srunch a wee pee size amount of grape seed oil. (only on the ends...keep away from roots...or you'll look like you should work at a fast food joint :)

angelina said...

hooray your yard looks great!

twolittleseeds said...

You can never have enough pompom skirt pics! My hair changes which each child I have...I now give up! x