Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rainbow gnomes

Here are a few gnomes made with wool blend felt from Felt-o-rama. So much nicer than the acrylic stiff from the craft stores around here. I would splurge if I were you. And it's not that much of a splurge. Go for it.

And here are some needle felted gnomes. Not settled with the face, but I'm going to try another way next time I do it.

They are fun and easy to make.

And fun to arrange...

And a little bag to put them in.

Off to enjoy the sunshine.. again.
Thanks for looking,



love this! beautiful!

tree said...

Those turned out great! i love the details on the hats, and the needle felted ones are awesome! i love making little gnomes too. i have treid needle felting a few things, but never really got the hang of it...or had the patience for it. :) Thanks for sharing!

Umatji said...

They are great! I agree as well, real wool felt is the best - can't go back!

messyfish said...

Yep! Real wool felt... Love the needle felted gnomes too. This is perfect for me to do for my 2 year old. No bits to pull off! And lots of "sorting" potential for him. Thanks for sharing.

Grace said...

these are great!