Wednesday, June 30, 2010

pack up your troubles in your old kit bag....

and smile, smile, smile. A song we're singing on Canada day for Veteran's show. Should be fun.
Anyhow, I digress....
Here is a pic of the kit bag mentioned in the post below. I kinda lost steam when I realized the binding was not sewn in some places. I sewed the narrow side of it to the inside of the bag instead of outside. I know I'm going to have a problem when I turn it over and sew the rest on. So I'm taking a break from it.

I like it. Because I used denim, (which is light on the inside) I made a flap for the ends of the bag. It extends the pocket a bit. I'm going to experiment with the size of it to fit in some diapers and a wipe case. And I'm sure the kids would love one for treasures. Just needs a handle on it. yep, a few uses for these. this one is 7 inches wide instead of 9 as she suggested. Simply, I had 7 inch zippers.

A little space rocket ship landed in front of our house this morning. (At 7:30 am, the earth shook, the construction crew was breaking the earth in half. Welcome to summer). I bought the rocket ship finger puppet at a yard sale and painted a wooden peg. I saw it on some one else's site. if you've seen it to give credit, please let me know. He fits perfectly inside. maybe another project to make the ships. Need more boy toys.

And a tip on how to take pictures in peace...

Give them their own cameras.

I have a few more projects in my camera, so I should be a little more regular in posting this week.

thanks for looking,
off to enjoy the 1st day of summer vacation..


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