Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Felt birdies

Ok, so all my 'work' surfing the blogs at night finally paid off. I've been searching for something... didn't know what it was, but something to satisfy my creating beast for the season. Well, check this out
Fa la la la la Felt
on Handmade Cathy Gaubert.

I drooled over the samples and went in search for the book. It's not out until August! So i bought the ebook. A simple process and instant gratification. Only problem is that I'm a book in my hands person. So as I find a project that i want to do, I print it off and and work from that. i think i'll have to purchase the actual papercopy when it comes out. Such great eye candy and many projects that I will do.

So here is my take on Little Birdie

Oh such fun and joy and felt!

Oh, here is a pic of the vest I wrote about a few days ago. Can you guess what it will be?? It will be a bit before I get to it, as I have to make 34 microscope slide ornaments for next week. Assembly line in my future, very near future.

Thanks for looking,

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