Friday, December 4, 2009

a new trend spotted

I've been spending the last few days trolling through the Sew Mama Sew blog. they are having a huge giveaway hosted by bloggers all over the world. I had intended to contribute, but missed the deadline. Definitely next time for sure!
Anyhow, in my perusing, I'm noticing some great fabrics and projects of Matryoshka dolls. New trend? I haven't seen anything around here yet, just from other countries.
Take a look at the giveaway of this blog
Very Purple Stuffs to see what I mean.

I was excited to work on my fleece scarf with a pocket and made the 1st set of pockets too small for my daughter's hands. Luckily, I didn't sew it on, but I did make them as cupcakes. So now I have a few cupcake appliques for another project. I came downstairs for something, hit a button on the computer and have been blurfing ever since. Hate when I get sucked into the blurfing vortex. Gonna git off my butt and cut out some flowers for hairclips.


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