Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tiny world pin cushion

The first time I saw
these Tiny Worlds from Mimi Kirchner, I fell in love. I purchased the pattern a few months ago and have finally begun my love affair. I did the bulk of this in one night and sewed up the trees and sewed on the house in another go. If I start earlier and b/c I've done one already, I'm sure one night would be enough.

Her instructions are very clear with pictures and the template for the house is perfect.

I had fun making the flowers and grass textures. I sewed the roof of the house incorrectly, well, I like how she did it better, but missed that part in my eagerness to make it. And I need to work on the ball in the cup. A little rounder would be better.

I do get another chance, I want to make a winter scene.

i've enjoyed 2 mornings at home with the wee one. She has a cold and is "too really, really sick" to get dressed or go outside. I got the neighbour to take my son to school and bring him back. Nice to stay at home indeed. Finished up some projects and made cookies, yum. Even nicer as the snow we got quickly turned slushy with the RAIN we are now experiencing.

Thanks for looking,


Jenny said...

love the little world in a cup. Can't wait to see the next one! So so sweet!

Shona Cole said...

lovely, they look just like the original Tiny Worlds, thanks for the link. I am mentioning you on my blog post later today :)