Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's wishes

Just popping in with promises of some recent sewing projects. We are visiting family and I have to get the camera, card reader and computer organized at the same time to download pictures. Later.

Here, we are getting ready to prepare the New Year's eve celebrations with family and friends. There is snow here, so the kids are liking to .... look at it? not because they've been outside playing in it. Rafael has gone out to play a bit of hockey. 1st time. and with the big boys. He couldn't understand why everyone was trying to get the ball from him and not let him score! I think we need to put him into some team sports. :}

Neve is all over the baby, playing mommy. I'm so glad we had the boy 1st. If she was the 1st born, she would have driven me nuts with the constant mommy-ing. But learning nurturing and compassion is a great life lesson.

Anyhow, much eating, relaxing, lots of cleaning up and maybe, maybe I'll get a chance to make a little something today. Went to "Club Tissus" yesterday. A sewing store. Got many notions I've been looking for for some time and some wool roving. Just little ends of balls I'm sure, but enough balls and variety to delve into something new and make my own felt beads. If time allows, I'll go back today to get some polka dot fabric I forgot to get yesterday. I like buying fabric when I'm away. When I make the item, it reminds me of where I've been.

So, to you and yours... have a Happy New Year, in what ever shape or form it may bring.

Happy New NEW
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