Friday, September 18, 2009

library bag

I'm a little embarassed to admit this, but just this week, I got my daughter a library card. I've had one for my son for a few years, but we never did use it. My friends would take them there, so I didn't bother.
I decided it was time. After a successful 1st trip together, I realized these little ones will have to bring their own books home.
Or at least have a little bag for their own treasured reading materials. Enter the library bag:

Little miss picked out her own fabric. I stamped the book and apple on some artist canvas and coloured with palatte inks and a blender pen.

I think I may make the handles longer. now that I look at it, if she was to hold it in her hands, it would probably drag on the ground. She is like myself, like to wear the bags on her shoulder.

I'll probably show you another version with fabric my son pics out. Not much variety in what I'm doing these days, just a different fabric, colour, size, etc.

Thanks for looking,


Allison said...

What a wonderful idea and a great bag. Loved the way it came out!

Anonymous said...

love that there is a place to hold the library card and receipt. We've lost my daughter's card...may have held onto it longer if we had a pocket. Alpha print is cute too!