Monday, September 28, 2009

leaf painting

We had a great crafting session today. I collected some leaves to paint.
I let the kids paint them on the "veiny" side. We then put it paint side down and used a rolling pin to flatten it out and transfer the paint. They practiced quite a bit on a large piece of paper. When i noted that they were getting consistent, I gave them a canvas board form the buck store.

Rafael quite enjoyed it and got experimental with blending/brushing more than one colour paint on the leaf. He felt the need to have permission to mix it up a little.

By the time we got to the canvas, Neve was a little done in. I just call it minimalist. L{

I had to join in on the fun. Mine is the rather full one on the bottom.

Thanks for looking,

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Sarah said...

Love that project - I'll have to try that one with Rowan and Molly!