Monday, September 21, 2009

library bag and some plate crafts

yeah, I gotta work on my titles.
Here is the bag for Rafael. He chose this fabric and I made it with a strap to go over the shoulder and across the body. The front fabric is from Walmart and the back is done with denim from the 50 million yards of denim my mom gave me when I visited this summer. Cool.

Today's craft time consisted of painting paper plates. One red for an apple and one green for the leaves.

I sewed up the worm finger puppets on the sewing machine with some ric rac for decoration. I turned them inside out, but it also looked nice sewn on the outside. And it would look nice hand sewn.

We were thinking of what to use for the eyes and decided on a brad. I broke up laughing when we found the sunglasses. Too funny.
And because it takes too long to set up craft time for only one thing, we painted a plate yellow for a sunflower. The idea was to glue seeds or beans in the middle and cut the plate for the stems. Well, kids have a mind of their own too, right?!

Neve got a little angry with her plate and started to beat the lentils all over the table. Maybe it was fun to watch?! And Rafael decided to decorate a little more.
After all that, we made mini banana loaves. Wanna know a trick? Put sour cream or yogurt in the batter to keep it moist. Oh, and a treat, we put mini marshmallows on top! YUMMMMM. Along with my Roibos peppermint chocolate tea. Hungry now?

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