Monday, August 10, 2009

my 1st Apron

I've been in sewing mode.. again. Have to make a card tonight though. Stay tuned.

Tia's (aunt's) birthday is in a few days, so I made her an apron. I bought the teapot fabric in Portugal and thought it would be perfect for her, as she is from Portugal, was visiting when we were and ended up on the same return flight as us. bonus!
Anyhow, it was my 1st attempt at an apron. Was not what I had in mind and had to sleep on joining the top to the bottom. I know next time, it won't take as long.

Love the pocket and the orange thread.

Today is my baby's 3rd birthday. We skipped the party this year, as we celebrated with some of my husband's family a few days ago, and will celebrate again with my family when we go to Nova Scotia next week. how many parties can a kid have?! Her avo's (grandfather in Portuguese had a birthday also, and when we go down east, poppy will have one too. special to celebrate with both) She told me this morning that she is still 2 and will not be 3 until she sees nanny, b/c nanny is making her a white cake, with white icing and a purple butterfly. She already put in her order. lol I have convinced her during the day that she is now 3 and she has some to terms with it. little minds.
Wow, a lot of info there. She was happy in this picture, I interrupted her "finger poking the icing" obsession that Avo let her get into.
Happy birthday Waffle.

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