Wednesday, August 26, 2009

adventures in Shelburne, NS

almost a week has gone by, I've been quiet. On here, not in real life!
We've been visiting friends and camping. Much fun, friends, and family to enjoy on the last few weeks of summer. And various weather reports.
We went to Shelburne, NS to meet DH, who went there for a sailing regatta. It was foggy on the 1st night. It looked a little sureal on the water. I guess they could see each other and the big orange marks on the race course.

Shelburne has a history. Loyalists were big there and still play a roll in important town events. Here they are on deck to give the race an official start.

I love how the kids are covering their ears. :}

Here is a pic of DH and his newby crew accepting the winning trophy! They won the whole regatta. THey raced 5 races on Saturday with varying weather conditions as Hurricane Bill was expected on Sunday. Not as bad as everyone was predicting. Good thing.

While they were out sailing, we went swimming in the harbour. How lovely is it to walk down to the end of the street and go for a swim with the seaweed! And then we walked 2 stores down and got slushies and sat in the sun and wind. (they ran out of ice cream.) Lovely, just lovely.

We later found ice cream in Wolfville, in Annapolis Valley. My alma mater is there, Acadia University. It is my dream to live back in that area. Someday, maybe someday. Couldn't resist taking everyone to Hennigar's for a cone. Nice to walk, explore and lick the dripping sides as you laugh, chat and enjoy family.

DD and I are back in town for a night and a day. Then off to the campground again for a bit. Such freedoms for the kids there.
Tonight, we went to THE best fabric store I ever went to!!! Atlantic Fabrics. I just about squealed with delight. So many fun, quirky fun prints. I did have to stop myself. And they had a sale!!! SCORE!! I'll show you some pics tomorrow. after all, you did come here for something crafty, didn't you?

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Sarah Pendergrast said...

Lovely photos Amanda! I have many fond memories of Hennigar's myself - yearly stops for icecream after trips to valley with my grandmother..

Anonymous said...

Amanda - I love the photos from this post too! Really tell the story. What fabric store are you talking about...I'm loosing T.O.?